Kerrytown District Mission Statement:
To preserve, enhance, and promote the social, cultural, historical, educational, residential, and commercial life of the Kerrytown community.

Kerrytown District Association Membership Information:

Our volunteer board members of the Kerrytown District Association are committed to the livelihood and success of our neighborhood, but we can’t do it without your support. As the neighborhood has grown, the association has expanded its scope, and we’re focused on keeping pace with parking issues, streetscapes, traffic concerns, beautification, public art, events, zoning and more. 

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Your 2018 membership dollars will allow us to:

  • Update the Kerrytown Walking Map

  • Host KindleFest, Midnight Madness and the NashBash music festival

  • Support other District Events such as Kerrytown BookFest, OutFest, EdgeFest, TUBA Christmas, Fairy Festival and more.

  • Provide district holiday lighting

  •  Bring beautification projects to our neighborhood to improvethe landscape

  • Bring more events to our neighborhood

  • Track and respond to city government policies and private development plans that affect our district

  • Advocate on behalf of our district the needs of parking, safety, beautification and more.

  • Communicate to area businesses and neighbors on a regular basis

  • Create & maintain Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Website for the KDA

Your membership benefits:

  • Promotions and Advertising: 
     - Reach out to potential customers and gain greater visibility through group ads, promotion;
    - Free business listing on the highly circulated walking map;
    - Opportunity to advertise in the Walking Map;
    - $600.00 annually; reprint/restocking fees $175.00
    - Free website listing on the new KDA website;
    - Opportunity to advertise as a Featured Business on the website; $300.00 for three months
  • Membership communication:
    - Receive timely information about issues and happenings affecting the Kerrytown District and its business community
  • Special District Events:
    - Take advantage of business opportunities resulting from an increase in visitors to the area during our special events
    - Participate in District-wide and downtown promotional events
  • A clean and safe neighborhood:
    - You can join us in keeping the District a safe and welcoming place for both residents and visitors

Click here for the membership application